Listen to your heart

When was the last time you listened to your heart?

What are your deepest wishes?

What are the things you ache to do, make, have, experience, learn?

Do you allow yourself to go for them?

Listening to your heart by Ursula Markgraf

I love Martha Beck. She is AWESOME. Seriously, read everything from her you can get your hands on. If you are open to it it will change your life.

Anyway, one of the concepts of her work is that our deepest wishes will guide us to the things that will fulfill us and let us live our best life. To me that was quite a concept. After all, isn’t fulfilling your own wishes kinda selfish and egoistic?

When I first came across this concept I admit I was reluctant. Also I realized – somewhat shocked – that I had no idea (anymore) what I really wished for.

But the more I listened to my heart the more dreams bubbled up. And … the crazy thing … the more I acted and act on them – even in just very tiny ways – the more they seem to „guide“ me to something bigger.


So, I invite you to take a bit of time for yourself today and think about what you deeply wish for.

If you like write about it or make some art. Or just sit and think and dream. And of course I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments. :-)

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  1. Sandra says:

    Beautiful! I am a fan of Martha Beck myself, what I am doing is in a way a result of reading her book “steering by starlight” – and I am a fan of your drawings. Always look for the north star :)

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