Wall Christmas tree – or Christmas card recycling


I guess it is a bit late for showing photos of Christmas trees. But we put away our “real” Christmas tree yesterday which kinda put me in the mood to show off one last Christmas project that I had done: a Christmas tree for the wall.

I had put this one in the kids’ room and my kids really liked it. My first idea was actually to make a tree out of stars that are affixed directly to the wall. But then I saw this Walltree DIY by Matthew Mead via Oh my handmade:
And if you do not know Oh my handmade – go check it out NOW!!! Seriously, you are missing out!
Photo by Matthew Mead via Oh my Handmade
Wow! I loved it! But I did not have such cute patterned paper. And really did not want to buy any just for this one project. So … Christmas card recycling! ;-)
I do not get that many Christmas cards, but the ones that I do get I can not throw away. So I had collected a few over the years. This seemed like a perect way to use them.
And when I saw the beautiful “woolen” Christmas trees by Eline Pellinkhof it was the last inspiration I needed. 
Her blog by the way is also VERY beautiful. Very pretty pictures – so again, GO! :-)
So here is what I did:
1. Used a huge shaped “hole” punch to cut stars out of my old Christmas cards.
(If you turn around your “hole” punch you can see where you are cutting.) Put a hole into the star.
2. Thread all the stars onto some cotton thread. 
3. Started crocheting the chain stitch. After a certain number of stitches pulled a star to the crochet hook and crocheted “over” the star so it stays in place.
4. After the star garland was done I used masking tape to affix it to the wall. I added a straw star to the top as well. Done! :-)
(Of course you do not have to use crochet. You can also just knot the stars to some yarn. But you might want to use thicker yarn than I did if you wanna skip the crocheting part.)

The best thing is that next year I can use the garland again. Either as a wall Christmas tree – or as a garland for my windows or the Christmas tree or …
If you have not thrown out or packed away your old Christmas cards yet you could make a star garland now and pack it away for next Christmas. This way you have a nice new handmade decoration ready to use without doing anything when you unpack your Christmas stuff next time. 
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7 Responses to Wall Christmas tree – or Christmas card recycling

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  3. ratfashion says:

    Schicke Idee. Allerdings mag ich meine Weihnachtskarten nicht verarbeiten, zumindest in Teilen. Aber, ich könnte mir überlegen, welche dafür zu kaufen. ;) Oder unbenutze, welche hier rumfliegen, dafür zu nutzen. :)

  4. BunTine says:

    Super Idee, besonders genial finde ich das Einhäkeln !

  5. Mami Made It says:

    Haha, wir haben unseren Weihnachtsbaum auch gestern erst weggeräumt. Und eigentlich ist es schade drum, da er noch immer toll aussieht.
    Jetzt muss ich mal suchen, wo ich so einen süßen Sternstanzer finde.

  6. Streuterklamotte says:

    Liebe Ursula,
    du bist halt echt kreativ!!! Eine tolle Idee und so schön “machbar”, nicht so wahnsinnig aufwendig und sehr, sehr dekorativ!!!
    Vielen Dank fürs Zeigen!!
    Ganz liebe Grüße,

  7. LeNa´s Mama says:

    Eine tolle Idee. Mir fällt es auch immer schwer, Weihnachtskarten wegzuwerfen. Das gute ist, ich muss es mir nicht einmal merken, dank deiner tollen Link-Aktion. Nur die muss ich mir merken ;o)
    Jetzt muss ich echt mal in mich gehen und überlegen, was man mit den ganzen Urlaubskarten machen kann, die man so über´s Jahr bekommt. Die kann ich nämlich auch nie wegwerfen.
    LG LeNa

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