Wanna see the most amazing postcard mail art?

Omg, finally the long-awaited post about the mail art postcard swap. First of all I wanna say a BIG BIG BIG thank you -again!- to every single person who participated. Yes, it was a lot of work for me to organize. And yes, I totally underestimated how much work it would be. *laugh* But looking at all the gorgeous cards and artwork going through my hands – it was totally worth it!

THANK YOU for participating in this awesome postcard swap!

I really deeply hope that every single person had as much fun and joy participating as I did while I sorted and sent off all these wonderful artworks.

I actually tried to take a photo of all the gorgeous mail art postcards spread out on my living room floor – but … well, my living room was too small! If more people participate next year, I will need a bigger house to host the swap. *laugh*
So, here’s a photo of the first batch being sent off. I can for sure say that I have never in my life sent off so many postcards at once. :-)

Postcard swap 2015 by Ursula Markgraf

Here a few fun facts about this mail art postcard swap:

– more than 70 people signed up
– 50 people actively participated in the swap
– 3 envelopes – so far – have not made it to me :-(

So in the end all in all I sent off 188 postcards, of which 47 were handwritten by me.

Participants of the mail art postcards swap came from

-Great Britain
-The Netherlands and
-Hawaii (Okay, I know Hawaii is not a separate country. But I still thought it’s kinda cool!)

And now for the best part – here are a few of the gorgeous and wonderful postcards that were swapped. I only put those cards in the gallery, where people explicitely agreed that I could show the cards. If I made a mistake or forgot to show a card even though you agreed – please just email me.

Let’s put it this way – I had no idea what I was getting myself into with the blogpost idea. *laugh* Next time I do the swap each participant will automatically agree that I can show the card – that way I won’t have to double-check 47 emails to see whether someone agreed or not. ;-)
The writing up of this blogpost actually was WAY more time-consuming than the actual postcard swapping bit. (And that took me two days.) So, if you find your card and want anything changed – let me know. If you don’t find your card, but would like me to show it – let me know. :-)

(You can just click on a photo and it will enlarge and you can go through it like a slide show … if you want to.)

Aren’t they amazing? And, many envelopes actually had more than three cards in them. The kindness and creativity of all the participants just warmed my heart!

Of course I will do this again. :-)

I think I will make it a yearly “thing” from now on. :-) I’m not entirely certain yet when I will host it next year. Probably a bit earlier than this year, so I can give people more time. I was quite surprised myself how long some letters took to actually get here.

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  2. WOW!! Thank you for sharing amazing stats on the participants of this fun mail art postcard swap – the numbers are mind blowing for a first time swap! And thank you for sharing so many photos of participant art – the artwork is all gorgeous! Also, it was fun to see which postcards I sent to you ;)
    Thank you for hosting this swap and I look forward to hearing from you next year when you host the next one!

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