Sneak peak into our Christmas mail

Sneak peak into our Christmas mail

Have you already sent your Christmas cards? 


Well, here comes an inspiration for some quick handmade cards that are really easy and fun to make. Especially if you have kids that you can employ have fun with. ;-)

Just get out some paint – preferably not the water proof one! – let the kids dip their finger in it and make some fun marks on the cards. Then connect them to make Christmas lights and write a short message … DONE!

This was actually not my idea. I found it last year somewhere on pinterest and a google-search pointed me to this tutorial as the original source. Hope that is correct!

When you read the tutorial you will notice that I did change up it up a bit. I just let my kids put colourful blobs onto the cards with their finger (not thumb) anywhere – and I connected them later with a dark grey pencil instead of drawing the line first. That way no “Oh no, you put the light ON the line”-incidents could happen! ;-)

So, have you sent your cards yet?


This is actually part of a small Crafty-Christmas series. Yesterday I posted a tutorial on how to make crocheted gingerbread house tags. Check it out HERE. And tomorrow … well, you will have to check back tomorrow … ;-)

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Finally! The prettiest “first day of school” dress ever!!!

This is the dress I made for my daughter for her first day of school.

I was SO unbelieveably happy about how it turned out. MUCH better than I ever anticipated. 

My daughter had picked the pattern  (Elodie – by Farbenmix.) And this is actually only my “test sewing” cause I was so terrified to mess up the “good” fabric. 

So my daughter and I picked bits and pieces from leftover fabric … When I was cutting the pieces I was honestly a bit unsure whether this really was such a good idea … to put together the dress out of that many different pieces.

But with every seam I did I got more excited. I could not wait to finally see the whole dress.

And when I was done – WOW! If I would fit into it, I certainly would wear it. *laugh*


And because my daughter loved it as much as I did we decided that this would be the “real” dress, not just the test dress. :-) I am not really upset about this. Less work for me. :-) But now I have about 4m of perfectly fine fabric lying around … oh well … guess I will find something to do with it. ;-)

What do you think about the dress? Looking forward to your comments!

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Carry along art organizer – DIY

I can not believe I did not post this yet. It has been sitting in the draft folder for so long now ….
I made this carry along art organizer – or pencil case, or art tote or … I really do not know what to call it – a while ago. It was a gift for my daughter for Christmas and she REALLY loved it! Even though it was not on her wish list. ;-)

The tote is perfect for any child who loves to draw. And my daughter DOES LOVE to draw. ALOT! All the time. Therefore there are pens and pencils and papers everywhere. Now she has a place for some of them. And there is also space to store a notebook. Or two. :-)
The best part is if we want to go somewhere and I want to bring something for her to do all I have to do it grab the tote and – done! No searching for pens or for paper. Very mommy-friendly! :-)

To sew the art organizer was rather fiddly at times. I really should start planning out my sewing projects completely BEFORE I start. :-) But I was quite happy with the outcome. And seeing that the art bag is used pretty much every day – all the work was well worth it. 

Last Christmas

… I made some Christmas crafts. Before I show you what I made this year I wanted to remind you of some of the crafts I did last year:

There is a tutorial for making strawstars

And I sewed a Christmastree pillow – especially fun for the kids as they can play with it:


And I made this Bascetta star out of musical sheets. Totally love it:

Wishing you a great 4th of Advent!

Now I better return to my crafts … :-)


Last-minute Christmas card

Last-minute Christmas card

 This was our Christmas card last year. Quick and easy! If you wanna make a similar one I wrote down the instructions. :-)

Last-minute Weihnachtskarte/ Last-minute Christmas card

 This is what you need:

Last-minute Weihnachtskarte/ Last-minute Christmas card

 -old sheet music
-blank cards
-colorful paper
-“holepunch” in desired shape
-pens (glitter or silver work great)
-chocolate for bribing a child ;-)

Last-minute Weihnachtskarte/ Last-minute Christmas card

 Punch desired shape out of the sheet music paper – or cut it out by hand. Glue this onto the colored paper.

Last-minute Weihnachtskarte/ Last-minute Christmas card

 Bribe a child to write “Merry Christmas” onto the colored paper. :-)

Last-minute Weihnachtskarte/ Last-minute Christmas card

Glue the colored paper onto the blank card. (Awesome cause if your child messes up while writing – no harm done!) 

Then all you have to do is add a few nice words to the inside of the card and mail them out. Easy, wasn’t it?
And you can easily adjust this to your liking – use different papers or punches or …

So are you going to send out homemade cards? 

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