Sewing a unicorn

Or how to make a 5year old happy! ;-)
When I asked my daughter a few weeks ago what she wanted for Easter, she said

“An unicorn. A white one with a pink horn and a green saddle.”

Well …

I actually already had other plans … but why had I asked?!
My own fault!

So I ended up ditching my plans and making a unicorn:


I used the (bought) pattern for a stuffed horse and added the horn.
I am really happy with how it turned out.
And considering that I have never made a stuffed toy with a sewing machine before I was quite impressed with my own work. :-) 


I made the unicorn out of white corduroy-velvet and used pink cotton velvet for the ears and the horn. 


The bridle is made out of beautiful ribbon. And of course it can be taken off. 


The nostrils are embroidered pink flowers.
I made the eyes out of polymer clay. Kinda like buttons.
Instead of white dots I made tiny pink hearts and added them to the pupils.
After all it is a very special magic unicorn. ;-) 


The saddle is made out of thick green felt with some ruffles around it.
I actually had planned to add some flower-heart-garland kinda embroidery to it as well … but simply ran out of time.
But maybe it was for the better. I quite like how it looks now … maybe it would just have been too much. Or I would have messed it up after all. ;-)


The saddle of course can be removed as well. 

Little bear LOVED it!
She was so happy! Which again made me so happy!

Because in the end I did spend some hours on making it … and the whole time I was worried that maybe she would not like it.

She seemed to have a pretty clear picture in her head … What if the unicorn I was making did not live up to it?

So I was relieved and happy to see how she would not just smile but drag the thing everywhere she was going! :-)

Am so happy that I did not stick with the initial plans … :-)

And another funny thing:
When she found the unicorn – of course it was hidden by the easter bunny –  she instantly turned to me and said “You sewed that!”
I mean she knows that I sew … but still. That instant reaction … I was puzzled. She did afterall still believe in the easter bunny. Why would she think that I had made it?
So I asked her. You know what she said?
She pointed to the ribbon that I had made the bridle out of and said “That was in the living room”
Yes, I do store my ribbons in the living room. I never thought that she would pay any attention to that. And  NEVER would I have thought that she would remember a particular ribbon!
I was speechless!

Hope all of you guys had a great Easter!!!!

Did you make any of your Easter gifts? 

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Homemade Stickhorse

My name is Marzipan. 
I am a cute little big stickhorse.
And I have a VERY long nosy nose!!!
It is kinda scary when this nose comes right at YA! 
Watch out!!!!
It is perfect for kissing though ….
I have pink ears and hair!
And big EYES!
And I am CUTE!!!!
Oh, just in case you wonder … I am named Marzipan because my favourite food are marzipan potatoes. :-)
BTW, did I mention that I am CUTE?
Okay, I think I better take over from here … otherwise this silly horse is going to keep talking about his cuteness until our ears fall off! 
You guys have no idea how thrilled and relieved I was to see that little bear LOVES Marzipan!
Because on her wishlist to Santa there was one of those expensive and horrible pinky plasticy and … mommy just does not like it … horses that you can sit on. 
I really did not want to buy one of those!
And I really should remember to throw out those stupid toy catalogues that put such stupid ideas in her head!!!
Anyway, as I had already planned to make her a stickhorse for her birthday but did not get to do it back then – I figured I could do it now.
I was inspired by the awesome horses and unicorns Lier from Ikat bag made.
And after Lier shared some true wisdom with me – you have to cut open the pant leg you are using in order to sew on the ears and the hair – it really was not that hard to make.
Yes, I could have figured the cutting open part myself … if I had been THINKING instead of just SEWING. ;-)
Sewing on the ears was actually the worst bit. I broke 3 needles while doing that! Argh!
But even with 3 broken needles still cheaper – and ALOT more fun – than that ugly pink plastic thingy …
Mission accomplished!