Gingerbread buttons … for a gingerbread house

Finally I can reveal why my summer seems so Christmasy. :-)
It actually does not really have to do much with Christmas after all. Or at least it does not have to … (It can however. *lol*)

The gingerbread buttons I made are *drumroll* for a crochted gingerbread house!
Which I designed and crocheted. :-)

Photo with permission of OZ-Verlag

And yes, many people associate gingerbread houses with Christmas. However, I quite like to read the fairytale of Hänsel and Gretel at other times of the year, too. Don’t you?

And the pattern can be seen in the journal Anna Special by the OZ-VERLAG. The full title is  Originelle Köstlichkeiten – Süßes + Herzhaftes zum Häkeln, Nähen, Filzen and you can order it HERE .

Apart from the pattern to my crocheted gingerbread house it also contains other tutorials for yummy treats … sewn, crocheted, felted …

Btw, my cute crocheted gingerbread house does not only look cute – it can also be quite useful. :-) It is the perfect size as a pincushion.


But if you really want to of course you can also give them as little gifts for Christmas. :-)

P.S. Of course you can also use these tiny buttons to decorate a sewn gingerbread house … or a knitted one … or a felted one … ;-)

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Gingerbread buttons

I am still waiting for a photo so I can finally show you why I am making gingerbread buttons in the middle of summer.

But now I would like to show you that my products actually are 100% HANDMADE.

Not just the buttons themselves are handmade. But also the little tags, that the buttons are sewn onto are made with lots of love by my hands! :-)

1 -This is what the button tag looks in the beginning.

2 – The tag gets stamped.

3 – The tag gets cut. By hand. 

4 – And this is just to test you and see whether you are really paying attention while reading. ;-)

5 – A hole is punched into the tag. Again by hand. 

6 – The tag gets a dashed line – also by hand.

7 – Finally the buttons are sewn onto the tag. Of course – by hand. :-)


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Wall Christmas tree – or Christmas card recycling

Wall Christmas tree – or Christmas card recycling


I guess it is a bit late for showing photos of Christmas trees. But we put away our “real” Christmas tree yesterday which kinda put me in the mood to show off one last Christmas project that I had done: a Christmas tree for the wall.

I had put this one in the kids’ room and my kids really liked it. My first idea was actually to make a tree out of stars that are affixed directly to the wall. But then I saw this Walltree DIY by Matthew Mead via Oh my handmade:
And if you do not know Oh my handmade – go check it out NOW!!! Seriously, you are missing out!
Photo by Matthew Mead via Oh my Handmade
Wow! I loved it! But I did not have such cute patterned paper. And really did not want to buy any just for this one project. So … Christmas card recycling! ;-)
I do not get that many Christmas cards, but the ones that I do get I can not throw away. So I had collected a few over the years. This seemed like a perect way to use them.
And when I saw the beautiful “woolen” Christmas trees by Eline Pellinkhof it was the last inspiration I needed. 
Her blog by the way is also VERY beautiful. Very pretty pictures – so again, GO! :-)
So here is what I did:
1. Used a huge shaped “hole” punch to cut stars out of my old Christmas cards.
(If you turn around your “hole” punch you can see where you are cutting.) Put a hole into the star.
2. Thread all the stars onto some cotton thread. 
3. Started crocheting the chain stitch. After a certain number of stitches pulled a star to the crochet hook and crocheted “over” the star so it stays in place.
4. After the star garland was done I used masking tape to affix it to the wall. I added a straw star to the top as well. Done! :-)
(Of course you do not have to use crochet. You can also just knot the stars to some yarn. But you might want to use thicker yarn than I did if you wanna skip the crocheting part.)

The best thing is that next year I can use the garland again. Either as a wall Christmas tree – or as a garland for my windows or the Christmas tree or …
If you have not thrown out or packed away your old Christmas cards yet you could make a star garland now and pack it away for next Christmas. This way you have a nice new handmade decoration ready to use without doing anything when you unpack your Christmas stuff next time. 
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Last Christmas

… I made some Christmas crafts. Before I show you what I made this year I wanted to remind you of some of the crafts I did last year:

There is a tutorial for making strawstars

And I sewed a Christmastree pillow – especially fun for the kids as they can play with it:


And I made this Bascetta star out of musical sheets. Totally love it:

Wishing you a great 4th of Advent!

Now I better return to my crafts … :-)


Last-minute Christmas card

Last-minute Christmas card

 This was our Christmas card last year. Quick and easy! If you wanna make a similar one I wrote down the instructions. :-)

Last-minute Weihnachtskarte/ Last-minute Christmas card

 This is what you need:

Last-minute Weihnachtskarte/ Last-minute Christmas card

 -old sheet music
-blank cards
-colorful paper
-“holepunch” in desired shape
-pens (glitter or silver work great)
-chocolate for bribing a child ;-)

Last-minute Weihnachtskarte/ Last-minute Christmas card

 Punch desired shape out of the sheet music paper – or cut it out by hand. Glue this onto the colored paper.

Last-minute Weihnachtskarte/ Last-minute Christmas card

 Bribe a child to write “Merry Christmas” onto the colored paper. :-)

Last-minute Weihnachtskarte/ Last-minute Christmas card

Glue the colored paper onto the blank card. (Awesome cause if your child messes up while writing – no harm done!) 

Then all you have to do is add a few nice words to the inside of the card and mail them out. Easy, wasn’t it?
And you can easily adjust this to your liking – use different papers or punches or …

So are you going to send out homemade cards? 

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Knopf-Lebkuchen-Kekse … mit Rezept

 Sorry, still working on the translation!!!

Backen ist eine meiner Lieblingsbeschäftigungen. Deshalb zeig ich Euch heute Lebkuchen mal etwas anders. Das sind nämlich Knopf-Lebkuchen-Kekse. Etwas ungewöhnlich für die Vorweihnachtszeit. ;-) Aber wenn Ihr eine Weihnachtsfeier in der Nähgruppe plant oder etwas ähnliches, dann sind sie perfekt! Und eine nähende Freundin freut sich sicher auch über ein paar Kopf-Kekse als Mitbringsel.

Falls Ihr die Knopf-Lebkuchen-Kekse nachmachen möchtet – hier das Rezept. Ihr braucht: 410g Mehl 1 Päckchen Backpulver 2 TL Lebkuchengewürz 1/2 TL Zimt (nach Geschmack auch mehr oder weniger) 125g feste Butter, in kleine Stücke geschnitten 125g brauner Zucker 125g Zuckerrübensirup 1 Ei

Mehl, Gewürze und Butter mit dem Mixer vermengen bis eine krümelige Masse entsteht. Zucker, Ei und Sirup hinzugeben. Alles zu einem Teig verkneten. Den Teig abgedeckt (mindestens) 30 Minuten kühl stellen. Dann ausrollen und ausstechen. Und wo hab ich den hübschen Knopf-Ausstecher her? ;-) Etwas Rundes und einigermaßen Scharfkantiges in der Küche finden (kleine Schüssel oder Trinkglas zum Beispiel) und damit die Knöpfe ausstechen. Dann mit Cocktail-Trinkhalmen – die “dicken” – die Löcher in die Knöpfe stechen. Einfach, oder? Die Kekse auf Backpapier bei 200Grad (vorheizen!) für ca. 12-15 Minuten backen. Dann abkühlen lassen und … ESSEN!

Man kann sie natürlich auch noch hübsch mit Zuckerguss oder Schokoglasur verzieren. Aber soweit ist es bei meinen nicht gekommen. Irgendwie waren die vorher schon … äh … weg. ;-)

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