Wanna know a bit more about my mixed media art?

Wanna know a bit more about my mixed media art?

I was invited by my lovely internet artist friend Amy from The Treespace Studio to a worldwide artist bloghop. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Btw, Amy had a huge influence on me, my art and my website. I adore what she does and if you do not know her, please hop on over to her site and have a look around. What she creates is truly magical! For the bloghop – which is a worldwide bloghop for artist, creatives and writers – I am supposed to answer four questions.

1. Question: What am I working on?

Work in progress: Meditation mixed-media piece by Ursula Markgraf

One of the mixed-media pieces I am working on right now.

Can not decide whether this is an easy or a hard question. I am working on so many things. As always. ;-)

I am working on new mixed-media paintings of course. All. The. Time. :-) I am working on trying out different techniques and morphing them into my very own style. I am also constantly working on new ideas, but am trying to keep those in the back of my mind (or notebook) until my postcards and my art prints gain a bit more traction. I learned the hard way that building one empire at a time is the way to go. :-) At least if you have kids to care for and therefore only limited time to put into your empires. ;-)

2. Question: How does my work differ from others?

Just a little reminder for you to shine today. :-)

To me art is not just art. – But then again, I suppose art is never „just“ art. ;-)

I want my art to be a reminder for people. I want it to stir up their feeling, to empower or encourage them. To make them believe in themselves, in their dreams, in miracles. My art is my way of sharing my beliefs and my dreams. Art is my way of communicating what I care for, what I love, what I want the world to know. Also, I try to incorporate as much of what I love into the process of art-making as I can. I love colours and working with a brush. But just as much I love working with my hands or other random objects. I love papers. I love patterns, stencils, fabric. I love typography, writing, and quotes. I love love love love love graphite. This list could go on forever. :-)

3. Question: Why do I write/ create what I do?

Because I want to change the world. :-)

I am going to cheat a bit on this question as I think it requires a more elaborate answer. So I am going to properly answer that one a bit later in a separate blogpost. If you’re curious and do not wanna miss it, feel free to hop on my mailing list. I would love to have you. :-)

I did write that post and you can find it here: Why do I create what I do?

4. Question: How does your writing/ creating process work?

I spend alot of time just sketching and drawing. My creative process is not „linear“ or predictable. I never sit down and think „Well, today I am going to create X“. I spend a lot of time just sketching and drawing. I spend a lot of time learning new techniques and watching others do their art. My notebooks are filled with sketches of different things, and most of them never make it into a „proper“ painting or piece of art. But that is totally ok. While I’m sketching and „playing“ at some point something „grabs“ me. An idea. A quote. A feeling. And I start to play around with it more. That is actually what I love most about mixed-media art. You do not have to have the finished piece in mind to start. You start somewhere. With a background. Or a rough sketch. Or a collage. Then you keep working on it. I always have several art pieces in the works at the same time. There are times when the picture ledge in my bedroom is filled with started – but not yet finished – paintings. Some pieces come together fairly quickly. But some literally take months to get finished. Of course, not every piece turns out to be something I love. But again, that is okay. With every piece, I learn something new. And I do love the process.

I hope you enjoyed it to learn a bit more about the why and how of my art. Is there anything else you would love to know about me or my art?

Just ask away in the comments. You never know, I might just write a blogpost to answer YOUR question! :-)

Sunday whispers – Change

Things change. During the last months alot has happened and I feel that I have changed. So I needed to update my ABOUT ME page, as it kinda felt like a pair of pants that just did not fit anymore. Feel free to hop on over and check out the new ABOUT ME and let me know what you think. :-)

Ursula Markgraf

I also added – already a while ago – a mixed-media gallery. And I changed the button gallery. I hope to update both a bit more, but at least it is a start.

I think more things will change on the website. If you read here more frequently you probably realized that my blog content has changed quite a bit lately. So I plan to also add some new freebies that will resemble more what I do or write about now. And I actually have some other big news coming up. So stay tuned! Or sign up for the newsletter to not miss it and be the first to know. ;-)

And now I want to inspire you to think about your life, your surroundings, your belongings. Is there anything in your life that needs „updating“ cause it kinda belongs to who you were – but not to who you are?

And if you happen to have a website or blog – have a look at the ABOUT ME. Does it still fit to who you are?
Pick one little thing that just does not „fit“ into your life anymore and either „make it fit“ – or let it go.

And then come back and tell me how that felt!

And if you do happen to update your ABOUT ME, put the link in the comments. I would love to check it out.

Sunday whispers is a little series. My goal is to post something shortish but inspiring for you each Sunday – hopefully together with some art – so that you have a little incentive to slow down, reflect and think. I know how crazy weeks can be, but after all, it is Sunday. :-) Enjoy and let me know what you think. You can find the other Sunday whisper posts HERE.

Can not wait to show you

Can not wait to show you

my business cards!!! Oh, I am so excited!

What do you think?

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