Sunday whispers – You are beautiful

Sunday whispers is a little series. My goal is to post something shortish but inspiring for you each Sunday – hopefully together with some art – so that you have a little incentive to slow down, reflect and think. I know how crazy weeks can be, but after all, it is Sunday. :-) Enjoy and let me know what you think. You can find the other Sunday whisper posts HERE.


Do you think that is a strange title? If yes, why? You ARE beautiful.


Today I want to inspire you to explore your own beauty. We are bombarded daily with so many messages that are trying to tell us what we are supposed to look like and what beauty is. Yes, we do know that models are photoshoped and not perfect either. But do we think about our own beauty differently because of that? Do we find ourselves more beautiful because we know that noone is perfect?

If you had to name three things that you find truly beautiful about yourself – what would you say? Would it be easy to come up with three things? Or would you have to think about it alot?

A while ago I had to name three things that I find beautiful about myself and I was quite shocked how hard it was for me. It made me sad how much I struggled with this.

Therefore todays Sunday Whispers is dedicated to your beauty! Find it, enjoy it and make yourself at least one compliment!

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