Sunday whispers – Reminders from the little girl inside you

I have not written in such a long time. But behind the scenes I was busy working on something I am so psyched to share. My first ever own postcard line. *squeal*

Each card has a message for you from the little girl inside you. You know her, right? The one that wants to play, enjoy life, go on adventures, be held and loved. The one that deeply believes that you are just glorious and can do ANYTHING you ever set your mind on.
(She is kinda like the opposite to your inner critic I wrote about earlier.)

Sometimes with life getting busy and so many things to do we forget about the little girl inside us. We get busy working on “stuff”. We stop listening to our dreams. We stop believing that we are princesses and have all the power in the world.

So, these postcards are reminders from your little girl. She tells you that you are a princess. That you are wonderful, beautiful, amazing and capable of anything you want to do.

That your dreams will give you wings. They might be scary, but they will make it possible to fly.

That living your life is not about doing what you think you are supposed to do. Living your life is about YOU, about your dreams. This is the one life you have – so live your dream. Every day. And for the big dreams – live your dream every day a tiny bit more. ;-)

Enjoy my postcards and their messages?
Then hop over to my shop and buy a set. Each set consists of 6 cards – 2 cards of each design. So you can keep one and send one. ;-)

Mixed-media postcard set P.S. There is an English and a German version of the cards. So choose whichever you like. 

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2 Responses to Sunday whispers – Reminders from the little girl inside you

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  2. Kathrin says:

    … die ein oder andere guckt sogar ein bisschen kess.
    Deine Postkarten gefallen mir sehr.

    liebe Grüße

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