Summer sewing – Mermaids by Revoluzzza

A couple days ago I sewed some dolls. For the first time in my life! :-) I have made stuffed animals before (like this unicorn/horse) – but no dolls so far.
Feels good to try something new. :-) And my kids LOVE their Calypsos by Revoluzzza!

My daughter and “the tiny one” – who is not at all tiny anymore *sigh* – were allowed to choose what their dolls should look like. And this is how they turned out:

Calypso Revoluzza Nixe Mermaid Ursula Markgraf

A little merMAN (is that a  proper English word?) for my son – with lots of GREEN! :-) And a crown of course.

My son was so excited about getting this doll that he could not wait for it to be finished. While I was handstitching the last hole – it was his bedtime already – he pressured me to promise that I would put the doll next to him in his bed as soon as I  had finished it! :-) I thought that was pretty sweet! 


And my daughter got a mermaid princess. Of course also with a crown. And lace! And a little hair clip and bow on her bikini. :-)

(And I finally got to cut into that strange gold-coloured fabric that I had laying around since forever … *laugh*)


I was actually quite thrown with how excited my kids were about these dolls. I mean I knew they would like them. But they were so happy when they woke up and found their new dolls in their beds! Just melted my heart!

The “tiny one” even insisted that he take his merman with him when we went to the library. Just cute! 

Have you ever sewn a doll? Or do you think of trying? Leave me a comment – I would love to hear from you!


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5 Responses to Summer sewing – Mermaids by Revoluzzza

  1. These are SO very darling! How creative you are!

  2. BunTine says:

    Toll, die sind ganz zauberhaft !


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  4. Kathrin says:

    die beiden Nixen sind knuffig.
    Dass es da leuchtende Kinderaugen gab, kann ich nur zur gut verstehen :)
    liebe Grüße

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