Homemade Stickhorse

My name is Marzipan. 
I am a cute little big stickhorse.
And I have a VERY long nosy nose!!!
It is kinda scary when this nose comes right at YA! 
Watch out!!!!
It is perfect for kissing though ….
I have pink ears and hair!
And big EYES!
And I am CUTE!!!!
Oh, just in case you wonder … I am named Marzipan because my favourite food are marzipan potatoes. :-)
BTW, did I mention that I am CUTE?
Okay, I think I better take over from here … otherwise this silly horse is going to keep talking about his cuteness until our ears fall off! 
You guys have no idea how thrilled and relieved I was to see that little bear LOVES Marzipan!
Because on her wishlist to Santa there was one of those expensive and horrible pinky plasticy and … mommy just does not like it … horses that you can sit on. 
I really did not want to buy one of those!
And I really should remember to throw out those stupid toy catalogues that put such stupid ideas in her head!!!
Anyway, as I had already planned to make her a stickhorse for her birthday but did not get to do it back then – I figured I could do it now.
I was inspired by the awesome horses and unicorns Lier from Ikat bag made.
And after Lier shared some true wisdom with me – you have to cut open the pant leg you are using in order to sew on the ears and the hair – it really was not that hard to make.
Yes, I could have figured the cutting open part myself … if I had been THINKING instead of just SEWING. ;-)
Sewing on the ears was actually the worst bit. I broke 3 needles while doing that! Argh!
But even with 3 broken needles still cheaper – and ALOT more fun – than that ugly pink plastic thingy …
Mission accomplished! 

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6 Responses to Homemade Stickhorse

  1. Off The Peg says:

    So cute! Looks like your daughter loves him too!

  2. Ursula says:

    @ Ich-bin-ich

    Wow, ganz lieben lieben Dank! Und tut mir leid, dass es so lang gedauert hat, bis ich mal reagiert habe … bei uns waren alle krank. Puh, das war anstrengend. Hoffe, jetzt kommt wieder etwas mehr Normalität auf …

  3. Ursula says:

    Liebe Anja,
    Du, das war gar nicht schwer! Die Ohren waren ein bissel blöde … weil das Jeans da so dick war. Aber vermutlich war das meine eigene Dusseligkeit! Ansonsten echt einfach. Ich bin wirklich kein Nähprofi!
    Ging auch recht flott!
    Irgendwann werd ich wohl noch so eins für meinen Sohn – mit weniger pink natürlich ;-) -machen müssen. Dann kann ich ja die Schritte fotografieren. Aber eigentlich alles ziemlich “intuitiv” :-)

    Danke, für das Kompliment aber! :-)


  4. Süß ist nicht genug!
    Die Nase, die Augen, die rosa Mähne, der Name…einfach perfekt.
    GLG Shippy

  5. Anja says:

    Liebe Ursula! Marzipan ist zauberhaft! Und “Alle Achtung” ich glaube, da würde ich micht nicht rantrauen, ich meine, er sieht schon richtig nach “Pferd” aus….! War es sehr kniffelig? Schöner Blog, ich bin nämlich das erste Mal bei dir! Herzlichst Anja

  6. ICH-BIN-ICH says:

    Gestern entdeckt und heute schon auf meinem Blog zu finden. :-)


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