Some gifts from St. Nicolas – for you

Today on the 6th of December we celebrate St. Nicolas day here in Germany. It’s a sweet tradition – I think – that goes back to the story of a good man called Nicolas (who became bishop) who gave the poor money. The story says that he would sneak up on the roof at night and throw little pouches with money down the chimney … and the money would end up in socks and shoes that were put on/near the chimney to dry.

So to celebrate that day kids have to clean their shoes and put them near the door in the evening of the 5th of December. Then the Nicolas will come at night and put small treats, candy, nuts and oranges or little toys in there. Of course my kids totally love that day and are totally excited about it.

But I also wanted to give YOU something, so I created these little pictures with my art-work on them that you are free to download and share in your newsletter, on your blog, on facebook, on twitter … or wherever you might hang out in the virtual world. :-) If you wanna link to my site that would of course totally thrill me, but it is not required.


png-file 600px x 400px
jpg-file 600px x 400px


png-file 347px x 414px
jpg-file 347px x 414px


png-file 600px x 400px
jpg-file 600px x 400px


png-file 347px x 414px
jpg-file 347px x 414px

To download just right-click on the file you want to save – choose save as – and pick the location where you wanna save it. Then share and spread a bit of joy and calm around. :-)

Have a wonderful St. Nicolas day! xxx

P.S. And if you need some special Christmas cards, you can find some right HERE. I ship worldwide. ;-)


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3 Responses to Some gifts from St. Nicolas – for you

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  2. Claudia says:

    Liebe Ursula,
    das sind schöne Karten, und es ist lieb von Dir, sie für uns zur Verfügung zu stellen.
    Ich habe mir in diesem Jahr meine Weihanchtskarten gestickt und bin somit gut versorgt.
    Trotzdem herzlichen Dank an Dich!
    Ich wünsch Dir noch einen schönen Nachmittag !
    ♥ Allerliebste Grüße, Claudia ♥

  3. Angelique says:

    Lovely images, thank you very much. When I used to live in Holland I also celebrated Sinterklaas. Brings back lovely memories.

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