Printable Christmas reindeer gift tags

Just a quick note to let you know … if you enjoyed my reindeer Christmas cards … you might also like my printable reindeer gift tags. I just popped them into the shop. They are downloadable and you can print as many as you need (for personal use only of course).

reindeer-gift-tag christmas ursula markgraf

Perfect for those little panic moments when you’re gift wrapping and realize you forgot to buy tags. Again. Please don’t tell me that this only happens to me!

Hop on over to the downloadable reindeer tag printables on Etsy and enjoy!

reindeer-gift-tag christmas ursula markgraf

And if you like, leave me a comment here and tell me what else you’d love to see in my shop!

Oh, and if you still have enough time to create your gift tags … go ahead and try this tutorial for gingerbread house tags. :-)

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