Of cats and dogs

So we had a rather unexpected addition to our family recently. An old (and also rather sick) cat came not just into our lives – but also our heart and my studio. ;-)

I know that it sounds slightly crazy to “adopt” an old and sick cat – especially when your husband has a cat hair allergy and you already own a dog. But if we would have not taken her to our home she would have been starved to death by now. (She was being fed, but as she was very sick the food did not really help her much.)

I did not feel like I have a choice. This little being that only consisted of a bit of fur and bones just broke my heart. So she moved into my studio. However, she did not like the box with blankets we gave her. She rather chose her space herself. Typical cat! ;-)

Katze/ cat

At first I was not too happy that the chosen space was INSIDE my desk. But what should I have done. It is pretty pointless to fight with a cat. And if the cat is old and sick even more so …

She seemed happy, so I put my books and folders aside and put a blanket into the desk and that is where she lives now.

It was kinda fitting that at about the same time some “pets” moved into my online store. (Funny, right?!) First Boomer and Murphy – two melancholic dogs – moved in and are waiting for their new and cozy home.

Handmade dog button

Handmade dog button “Murphy”

And of course then a few cats had to follow.


Handmade cat button Mau

Where would you let the cat or dog buttons live?

If you wanna know my answer come back next week as I will share it in a separate blog post about a little cat and dog home I made last year around Christmas. :-)

Edited: The post about the “home” for cat and dog buttons has been published. :-)

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5 Responses to Of cats and dogs

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  2. Claudia says:

    Wie schön, da kann sich die Katze auf ein wunderschönes und umsorgtes Leben freuen! Ich hätte genauso gehandelt!
    Ich wünsch Dir einen wunderschönen und glücklichenTag!
    ♥ Allerliebste Grüße, Claudia ♥

    • Danke liebe Claudia. Mal schaun, wie lange sie noch lebt. Sie ist wirklich schon sehr sehr sehr alt. Aber bis jetzt scheint sie ihre Tage trotzdem noch zu genießen. :-)

      Liebe Grüße


  3. Kathrin says:

    ach wie süß.
    Die Katze würde ich dir direkt wegschnappen.
    Sie guckt so schön “dumm” aus der Wäsche.

    Der Hund ist auch witzig.
    Der schaut wie nach einer kleinen Hunde-Rauferei *gg*

    liebe Grüße

    • *lach*
      Danke Kathrin für Deinen lieben Kommentar. Die Katze i st schon “geschnappt” ;-) Aber eine sehr ähnliche hab ich noch. (Ist auch noch nicht im Shop.) Falls Du die gern hättest, sag bescheid, dann stell ich sie als reserviert für Dich ein.

      Und Du hast recht, der Hund guckt irgendwie so wie “Ich war’s nicht.” :-)

      Ganz liebe Grüße


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