Buttons for witches, wizards and such

During the last weeks  I sold quite a few of these glow-in-the-dark witch themed buttons:
As you can see there are different pictures on them: bats, cats, hats :-), spiders and spiders webs, even a cauldron. Oh, and witches of course!
Who would have thought that witches or saucerers are going to shop at my little store?And yes, they really do glow in the dark:

Too bad, that my daughter does not want to be a witch for Mardi Gras/carnival in her kindergarten this year. ;-)

I actually did not think that I would sell many this time of year. Originally I have had the idea last year before Halloween. But I will not complain. ;-)

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3 Responses to Buttons for witches, wizards and such

  1. Tamara says:

    Das ist ja eine geniale Idee!
    Die Motive sind ein Wahnsinn!

  2. BunTine says:

    Kein Wunder, die sehen einfach auch super aus !

  3. Alexandra says:


    LG Alexandra

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