Do you want to see my tiny gingerbread house?

After such a long post yesterday I thought I give you a little break today. ;-) So today there is not much to read – I just wanted to show off the tiny gingerbread house I made.

For years I wanted to make a gingerbread house myself but with two small kids it just always ended up being of the store bought variety. The one that you buy in pieces and put together. Which was okay. But this year – with a little trick – I got my gingerbread house. :-)

(See the tiny bird on the pile of wood logs?)

The trick? I just made it VERY small! *lol*

Very. Seriously. It is basically made out of cookie sized gingerbread. And as we make cookies all the time with the kids this was actually a really fun project.

Here you can see HOW small the gingerbread house is. The spoon is a tea spoon.  

 I had made a few blank ones as well that the kids decorated. It was so much fun! 

What fun baking projects have you done this Advent? Share away in the comments!

And check back tomorrow for another “tiny” Christmas goody in the Crafty Christmas series. No I will not tell you just yet what it is …. ;-)

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9 Responses to Do you want to see my tiny gingerbread house?

  1. Oh my goodness, Ursula, this is the tiniest, cutest gingerbread house ever!

  2. Kerstin kleinrensing says:

    Wirklich niedlich! Ich hätte noch eine Frage: ihre Webseite gefällt mir wirklich sehr gut -würden Sie mir verraten was Sie für eine Schrifttype für die Überschrift verwandt haben (fuer die Frage ‘Moechtest du mein Lebkuchenhaus sehen’). Vielen Dank im voraus für eine kurze Antwort! Mit besten Grüßen, Kerstin Kleinrensing

  3. Dineen says:

    I am very glad to see this. My little girl wants to make a gingerbread house. But with a very busy Advent season, I was dreading finding the time. I plan on doing one or two like this with her using store bought cookies. Perhaps even making the house ahead of time for her to add the candies for decoration.

    • So happy my post was inspiring! :-)
      I can totally relate to it being hard to find the time for big projects. I actually have made tiny houses from store-bought cookies in the past as well and we even gave them away as little Christmas presents to kindergarten teachers once. I find sometimes smaller really is more enjoyable as it is less stressful. :-)
      Hope you had fun building your house!


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  5. Mami Made It says:

    Ach wie herzig! Total süß!

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  7. Marinda says:

    How cute :D

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