Cuteness alert! Teeny origami stars

If you know me, you know I like “tiny”. No idea why. So after yesterday´s tiny gingerbread house I have another “tiny” one today. Tiny origami stars!

Look at them! They are SO cute!!!

And with a teaspoon for scale! I LOVE these.

Once you have figured out how to make them it is really easy. To me it always takes a bit to wrap my head around such stuff … But it really is not that hard. Now even my daughter loves making these.

And it is so easy to decorate with them. Just put some in a clear glas container … or on the table … It always looks good! I love easy decorating! :-)

If you want to make your own there are MANY tutorials out there. I used these:

video instructions and written instructions


And as you can see I made them using old music sheets. Flea market score! :-) I am a sucker for everything “musical”. Just look here

But you can use ANY paper to make these. Old magazines, printed paper, newspaper … anything really!


Do you like them? If yes, don´t be shy and leave a comment! It makes my day! :-)

And check out all the other Crafty Christmas goodness. :-)

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8 Responses to Cuteness alert! Teeny origami stars

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  2. Shelly says:

    I love them! They would look great on top of our piano in the music room. :)

  3. Mary Lee says:

    Hmmm. Maybe this will speed up my moving boxes unpacking. Somewhere in one of them is a pile of old music books.

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  5. Laura Wallis says:

    These are adorable- what a great idea. Love the whimsical and elegant combo of musical notes. Too darling!

  6. Elke says:

    Hallo Ursula,

    supersüß sind die Ministerne!!!
    Ich versuch mich dann mal durch die englische Anleitung zu wursteln!!
    Danke für die tolle Anregung!!

    Liebe Grüße

    P.S. noch ♥liche Gratulkation zur neuen Webpräsentation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jessica says:

    Liebe Ursula, die Sterne sind wirklich total niedlich und toll. Hab mir auch gleich welche gebastelt. Vielen Dank für den tollen Tip!

    • Ursula says:

      Liebe Jessica,

      freut mich sehr, dass sie Dir gefallen. Ich find sie auch ganz super und werde wohl dann über Weihnachten noch ein paar mehr machen … Ich finde man kann die so schön vor sich hin falten, während die Kinder spielen oder so. :-)

      Liebe Grüße


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