Cozy woodland coat – sewn for boys

I have no idea why but whenever I see this coat it reminds me of the woods. I suppose the handmade leaf buttons have to do with it … and maybe the cuddly brownish color. :-)

It is the first small coat I have ever sewn and I am so happy with it.  If you would also like to sew a coat for your little one but feel kinda intimidated – THIS is the pattern for you!
(It is an unisex-pattern, so it works for girls as well.)


Seriously, it was WAY easier than I thought it would be. The steps are illustrated with photos and the pattern itself is rather simple so even beginners can handle it! 
Would love to make  a coat out of wool felt sometime … next time. ;-)


Considering that this was the first project ever that I made out of quilted fabric – I am really super happy with how it turned out! After all, it DOES look like a coat! ;-)

It would have been alot better if I would not have made the buttons holes (4 layers of thick quilted fabric!) with the finest jersey needle I had available! *argh*
But other than that … :-)

Have you ever made a coat? What was your last “OMG, I can not believe I made this”-project?

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