Advent Creativity Challenge – Me-Time <3

Advent Creativity Challenge – Me-Time

In fall a few people asked me whether I would be holding another fall sketch challenge – like last year. Unfortunately I simply didn’t have enough time to do so. But, I have been thinking of creating a little something for Advent – as I love this time of year – for ages. So I simply threw both ideas together and *tadaaaa* – the Advent Creativity Challenge was born!

And this is how it will work:

  1. Reserve a time each day for “me-time” and being creative. <3
  2. Create a sketch, a painting or some other type of creative work that fits the prompt for each day. (see below)
  3. If you like show your creation on social media. You can do so here:
    Wenn du magst, zeig allen anderen die mitmachen deine Kreation. Das kannst du hier tun:
    on my facebook-page
    in my facebook-group
    on Instagram
  4. In order for others an me to find you, use the hashtag #ursulascreativitychallenge
  5. Have fun!

And please, don’t take the word challenge too seriously. The goal isn’t to finish each day of the challenge no matter what. It’s not supposed to add another to do to your long list. It’s meant to create a bit of space each day for yourself where you can just BE and CREATE.

Cause often this time of year just rushes by. We’re trying hectically to finish all the tasks we have to do … bake cookies, go to Christmas parties, decorate the apartment, buy presents … I LOVE Advent, but the fact that it’s just a big rush that’s over so quickly makes me sad. So I thought maybe we – you and me – could slow down the speed a bit by just taking a few minutes each day and enjoying. Make your creative timte extra festive by lighting a candle and having a cup of hot tea or punch. A few cookies don’t hurt either. ;-) These are some of my favourite by the way. ;-)

What do you think about my idea? Are you in? I’m looking forward to your comment!

P.S. And if you are looking for special Christmas cards or Christmas postcards, I’d be delighted if you check out  my etsy-shop. <3

21 day fall sketch challenge

21 day fall sketch challenge

I actually had this post already planned for two weeks ago. But when I returned from my birthday celebrations in Copenhagen my dog, who was my best friend for the last eleven years, unfortunately died. Needless to say that I was heartbroken and just couldn’t do “business as usual” right away. I still miss her like crazy, but feel more at peace with everything now. I’m beyond grateful that she was part of my life. Well, actually, I believe she isn’t gone, so to me she is still part of my life. Just in a different way. 

As I’m settling back into my work – which feels like it has piled up tremendously – I thought I could use something joyful as well. And as I love fall and sketching I decided to run the fall sketch challenge – which I initially had planned for two weeks ago – starting next Monday, which is the 24th of October, 2016.

These are the topics for the 21 day fall sketch challenge:



And this is how the challenge works:

It will be fun and free. :-)

It will start on the 24th of October, 2016 and run for 21 days.

Each day has a fall-themed topic – see above – that hopefully inspires you to draw a sketch. If sketching isn’t your thing you can just as well doodle, letter, paint, use watercolor … whatever you wanna do really. As long as it gets you creating. :-)

You can participate every day – or just pick the days you like. Whichever you prefer. It’s supposed to be FUN, not pressure!

Note: The numbers in front of the topics refer to the day of the challenge – not to the DATE. So the first day of the challenge will be the 24th of October with the first theme: Apple(s)

I will post the theme for the day – and my take on the sketch – on my facebook page as well as on instagram. I hope you will join in and post your creations with the hashtag


on instagram or on facebook  – or both. :-) If you like feel free to post sketches directly on my facebook wall – so everyone can see them.
(Of course you can also post them on your private profile, but depending on your privacy settings only your friends might be able to see them.)

It will be so much fun and you will find so much inspiration by looking at what others have created.

Let’s celebrate fall! Are you in?