When will the next postcard swap happen?

When will the next postcard swap happen?

When I hosted the postcard swap last year it was so much fun. You can see the lovely postcards that were created and swapped HERE . And many asked right away, when the next postcard swap would happen. Back then I said I would host the next one in summer 2016. And that was my plan.

No, you didn’t miss that one. I have to apologize cause that swap never happened. I do feel bad that I wasn’t able to host it. But I do hope that you’ll understand …

If you’re not really that interested in my longish explanation why I couldn’t host it yet just skip to the end of this post and you’ll find when the next postcard swap actually will happen. :-)lovebird-ursula-markgraf284

It all turned out a bit differently. For one, summer school holidays this year were a full month earlier for us than usually. So in order to do it before the school holidays it would have been a spring postcard challenge. However, during that time I simply was struggling quite a bit with other things – health problems, family stuff, personal challenges – it all came together. In addition I had gone back to being a full-time mom in fall 2015 – no new baby ;-), just took my son out of kindergarten – so I had no regular work time. To be honest, I struggled to at least keep my business running a little. When you check back on my blog you will notice that before the blogpost two weeks ago – there was a LONG pause. I didn’t have time to write posts, or newsletters or create new products. I also didn’t create that mixed-media online-course yet, that I’m so itching to do.

(So if you have signed up to my free mixed-media workshop and were hoping for more … there certainly will be more. It just might take a bit of more time. But it’s one of my big goals to create more mixed media resources for you.)

But why wasn’t I telling you this earlier?

I was kinda hoping that once both my kids are in school I would be able to host the challenge in the fall. But now my kids have been in school for four weeks and I just have to admit to myself – and to you – that doing the challenge now isn’t possible. There is simply way too much work to catch up to.

So, long story short – I can’t host the swap in fall. I don’t thinks it’s a good idea to do it during Christmas time.  People will be very busy during that time anyway. I don’t wanna give up the swap completely though. And I don’t wanna make you wait until next summer. So …

The next postcard swap will be in February 2017.

What do you think?

Doesn’t it sound nice to have some cozy creative time after the holiday craze is over? Create some mail art – receive lovely mail? I hope you find that as enticing as me. :-)

If you are, stick around or sign up to my newsletter if you haven’t already. I will post updates about the postcard swap in January 2017.

And please leave me a comment with your thoughts about the postcard swap!

Does February sound good? Or do you have other ideas? Should there be a theme?

Wanna see the most amazing postcard-mail art?

Omg, finally the long awaited post about the postcard swap. First of all I wanna say a BIG BIG BIG thank you -again!- to every single person who participated. Yes, it was ALOT of work for me to organize. And yes, I totally underestimated how much work it would be. *laugh* But looking at all the gorgeous cards and artwork going through my hands – it was totally worth it!


I really deeply hope that every single person had as much fun and joy participating as I did while I sorted and sent off all these wonderful artworks.

I actually tried to take a photo of all the gorgeous postcards spread out on my living room floor – but … well, my living room was too small! If more people participate next year, I will need a bigger house to host the swap. *laugh*
So, here’s a photo of the first batch being sent off. I can for sure say that I have never in my life sent off so many postcards at once. :-)

Postcard swap 2015 by Ursula Markgraf

Here a few fun facts about this postcard swap:

– more than 70 people signed up
– 50 people actively participated in the swap
– 3 envelopes – so far – have not made it to me :-(

So in the end all in all I sent off 188 postcards, of which 47 were handwritten by me.

Participants came from the

-Great Britain
-The Netherlands and
-Hawaii (Okay, I know Hawaii is not a separate country. But I still thought it’s kinda cool!)

And now for the best part – here are a few of the gorgeous and wonderful postcards that were swapped. I only put those cards in the gallery, where people explicitely agreed that I could show the cards. If I made a mistake or forgot to show a card even though you agreed – please just email me.

Let’s put it this way – I had no idea what I was getting myself into with the blogpost idea. *laugh* Next time I do the swap each participant will automatically agree that I can show the card – that way I won’t have to double-check 47 emails to see whether someone agreed or not. ;-)
The writing up of this blogpost actually was WAY more time-consuming than the actual postcard swapping bit. (And that took me two days.) So, if you find your card and want anything changed – let me know. If you don’t find your card, but would like me to show it – let me know. :-)

(You can just click on a photo and it will enlarge and you can go through it like a slide show … if you want to.)

Aren’t they amazing? And, many envelopes actually had more than three cards in them. The kindness and creativity of all the participants just warmed my heart!

Of course I will do this again. :-)

I think I will make it a yearly “thing” from now on. :-) I’m not entirely certain yet when I will host it next year. Probably a bit earlier than this year, so I can give people more time. I was quite surprised myself how long some letters took to actually get here.

If you wanna participate next time, make sure to sign up to my newsletter so you won’t miss it. Just click HERE to sign up. :-)

Postcard swap 2015 – sign-up NOW!!!

Postcard swap 2015 – sign-up NOW!!!

Do you love receiving snailmail? To me a sweet postcard is like a little miraculous gift … it brightens my day, puts a smile on my face and just makes me happy. If you feel similarly, then the postcard swap is just the thing for you.
The postcard swap last year was so incredibly fun, that it was clear to me that I had to do it again. So, here’s the 2nd round. Can’t wait!!!

Postcard swap Ursula MarkgrafThis is how it will work:

Each participant sends  me (in Germany!) an envelope with:
THREE selfmade postcards with a little message on the back
(you choose whether you’d like to include your return address or not)
FOUR sticky address labels with YOUR postal address on it
(please write it so that it is okay for international delivery)

You will also have to send 3,70€ to my paypal-account for postage stamps (details will be in the email after you sign up).

One postage stamp for international postcards costs 0,80€ here in Germany. From your money I will buy four so I can send four postcards to you. Yes, the money is slightly more than 4 x 0,80€ – you’re a smart cookie! ;-) The difference is to account for the paypal fees that I will have to pay when you put money into my account (1,9% + 0,35€ per transaction).
I’m just explaining it, so you can see – your money is only going toward the postage stamps for your postcards. I’m not earning anything on this. :-)

(If you are living IN Germany, just put 4 postcard stamps in the envelope.)

After I receive all those postcards and the money/ stamps I will SWAP all those cards and add a card of my own on top. So I will be mailing out four postcards from four different people to each participant. This way I can make sure, everyone who did send postcards also gets postcards. :-)
Of course I can’t account for the mail service loosing mail, which does happen. However , I think that it’s VERY unlikely that the mail service would loose all four postcards that go to one person! ;-)

Postcard swap Ursula Markgraf

So, how does that sound? Interested?

If you wanna participate in the postcard swap you have to SIGN UP until the the 30th of July, 2015 – which is WORLDPOSTCARD DAY. Nice timing, ey. ;-)

To sign up all you have to do is click below and sign into that mailing list and and you will get all further information via email. Don’t forget to confirm the link in the confirmation email!

With signing in you will be put onto my regular bi-weekly newsletter list after the swap. However, if you do not enjoy my emails you can always unsubscribe after the postcard swap is over.

If you are already on my list, please sign up again as I will send the swap information only to this specific list. :-)

Postkartentausch Ursula Markgraf 2015

Here are all the important dates:

– SIGN-UP for postcard swap until the 30th of July, 2015
– envelopes and postage money via paypal have to reach me until the 30th of August, 2015
– all postcards will be send out again until the 15th of September, 2015

So during September you can be looking forward to receiving four different postcards!

Ready to sign up?

Sorry, sign-up is closed. The next swap will probably be held in summer 2016. Sign up to my newsletter, to not miss it. :-)

Postkartentausch Ursula Markgraf 2015