Time for you ~ New Beginning ~ 21-Day Creativity Journal

Time for you ~ New Beginning ~ 21-Day Creativity Journal

Each year between Christmas and New Year I sit down and spend quite some time reflecting on the past year and “planning” the new one. I think about what is important to me, what are my goals, and how I would like to spend my time. I also look back at what I achieved and what I really enjoyed about the past year, and what I would love to take with me into the new one.

This year I somehow didn’t manage to do this after Christmas. Time flew by and before I got even started on it, it was already January. But I didn’t want to skip it as I love this little ritual for myself. However, I also didn’t have time to just take a few days off and spend them reflecting … So I started doing a little each day and while doing that, I realized it would be fun to do this “reflection time” in a similar format as the Advent Creativity Calendar. So I started working on that idea, wrote down topics, collected journal questions, collected and created sketches and … put together a 21-day creativity journal for your “New beginning”. I’m so excited to share this with you!

I know it’s already the end of January, so it is a bit late. But, if you haven’t really had time yet to reflect on the past year and would like to put a bit more intention into the new year … this is for you!

Also, it doesn’t only work for the New Year! It also works when you have a birthday … or really anytime that you feel like a “fresh start”. And here it is:

21-Day Creativity Journal: Time for you ~New beginning~


You can buy it here on Etsy.

Topics and prompts to reflect on the past & coming year

For 21 days it encourages you to spend a bit of time each day just for yourself. Each day there is a topic to reflect on, either about the past year or the one ahead. The questions encourage you to think about things that happened and be more intentional about the coming months.

Room to get creative

Also, there is room to get creative. Whether you like to sketch, draw, paint, watercolor, glue collages, create mixed media pictures … or simply “just” write – it’s totally up to you! You can use it as an art journal – or just mix and match and do each day whatever you feel like. It’s supposed to be fun and stress-free! No pressure!


Easy to print – black and white only

Just like the Advent Creativity Calendar I designed the creativity journal in black and white. The only exception is the cover, which is colored. This way it’s easy to print the journal at home and if you like you can color it in afterwards any way you like.

Affirmation for each day

To make it extra enjoyable I added an affirmation for each day! I hope you enjoy them!

Perfect personalized gift

It also makes a lovely gift, as it will be personalized. Where it says “your name” – it will either have your name – if you buy it for yourself – or the name of the person you are gifting it to. When you order it I will create your very own copy within 24 hours. And as it’s a PDF download it’s perfect for last-minute gift giving and for sending to your friend that lives further away! No standing in line at the post office, no waiting for it to arrive … you just download it and send it off by email.

Want a sneak peek?Freebie-Time for you- NEW-BEGINNINGS

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If you do decide, that you like it … you can buy the full creativity journal in my Etsy-shop!

I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

And if you have a suggestion on what topic the next creativity journal should be (I do have a few ideas already) – let me know in the comments!

P.S. If buying the ebook is not for you right now, but you’d still like to support me – the easiest way to do so is to share my work!

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Big hug to you!

Art journaling & creativity Advent calendar

Art journaling & creativity Advent calendar

A few years ago I ran an Advent creativity challenge on Facebook and Instagram. I enjoyed it so much and got lovely feedback! Some of the participants also had asked me whether there was a printable version of this challenge, that they could give away. I didn’t have such a version back then, but it stuck in my mind.

Ever since I wanted to create a “proper” Advent calendar. And now finally I did! Here it is:

So, for the price of a Latte Macchiato, you can have your very own Advent calendar just for you – personalized! – that will inspire and encourage you to take some time for yourself each day!

You can buy it here on Etsy.

Topics and prompts to get creative

It has 24 Christmas-themed topics to get creative. One for each day until Christmas. You can draw, sketch, watercolor, paint, art journal, create a mixed-media page or just write … whatever you feel like that day! No stress, just fun!
Each day or topic also has prompts, just in case you need a bit of “extra” to get your creative juices flowing.

Designed in black and white

I especially designed the calendar – with the exception of the cover – in black and white, so that it is easy to print on any printer from home. But even though it’s “only” in black and white, I made sure the 53 pages still look cute! I made them whimsical and lovely with hand-drawn elements and my own illustrations – which you are free to color any way you like.

Affirmation for each day

Each day features an affirmation. Just to remind you how wonderful you are!

It’s for YOU

Yes, it’s personalized. When you order it I will make your very own copy – just for you – within 24 hours. You can then download and print it. Btw, that also makes it a wonderful special little gift for someone creative you love.

Perfect gift

Also, as it’s a PDF you can easily send it off via email or wetransfer to the one who you want to gift it to – no worrying about taking it to the post office and delivery delays. Best last-minute gift ever!

Wanna take a little peek inside?

Now hop on over to Etsy and check it out! And if it resonates … buy your own copy! :-)

And if you have creative friends – would you mind telling them about it?

Starting on the 1st of December I will post the daily topic in the story of my Instagram and Facebook accounts. So, if you like, you can also participate in the daily creation without purchasing the PDF. You will simply not have access to the prompts and the nicely put-together booklet for your creations. But I did want everyone to be able to join in on the fun. So, if you wanna create along – feel free to do so and share with the hashtag:


I can’t wait to see your creations!

If you would like to support me – it would mean the world to me, if you would purchase the ebook. I decided to make the price very affordable – even if I did put quite a few hours into this project – so hopefully many can enjoy it. If buying the ebook is not for you right now, but you’d still like to support me – the easiest way to do so is to share my work! Thanks so much!

And here’s the link again – if you want to check it out or share :-)