Black + pink + lace = ?


I usually do not really like pink. But in combination with black it is somehow fun. I made this  top for my daughter and combined pink knit fabric, black corduroy and whitish lace. The sewing pattern I used is from the German pattern designer allerlieblichst and called Josefinchen.


I have to admit – what I like best about this tunic top is that you can embellish it so well with handmade buttons. ;-) 


The stamped heart button fits perfectly, doesn’t it? 

josefinchen-ursula-markgraf-tunika-6I am not too happy with my fabric choices however … To use a thick ribbed knit for a top that is gathered right above the tummy turned out to not be the best choice. No matter how slim the person wearing … it adds quite a thick layer and that somehow is not flattering. :-( But oh well – I learn from mistakes.


And my daughter was not really that bothered by it.  It is still pretty awesome to run around in it. :-)

What do you think about pink?
Love it? Hate it? Depends? Leave me a comment!

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4 Responses to Black + pink + lace = ?

  1. corazon says:

    Pink ist schon ok. Ich trag hin und wieder gern mal kräftige Farben, wenn mir danach ist.
    Ich kann bloß nicht nähen…..:-(

    LG Petra

  2. Heike says:

    Ich mag pink – habe eine knallpinke Softshelljacke :-) Mein Mann dachte, die ist für die Kinder… ! Ich find sie super.

  3. Meike says:

    Deine Kreation ist toll! Manchmal muss es einfach pink sein! :) Habe mir für den Frühling eine rosa Hose mit weißen Punkten gekauft. Macht sofort gute Laune. :)

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