Big button sale – and a new beginning

You haven’t heard from me in some time. During the last weeks I especially learned one thing: that in the past I was working on too many projects at a time. That was not healthy for me, and certainly not very good for the projects either.
Therefore I made a decision to mostly work on only ONE project in the future. As my heart belongs to mixed-media art and writing, this means that I will take a break from the buttons.


When or if I will make buttons again for sale I can not say yet. Maybe I get inspired at some point and create a special button collection. :-) But what I know for sure – the buttons will not ever again be the main focus of my shop.


I have been thinking about this for a long long long time. And it was not an easy decision. (After all, I do really love buttons. And I do love making them.) But the more time passes, the more I believe it is the right decision.


In order to make saying goodbuy to my handmade buttons a bit easier for you I created a little surprise. There will be one (and the only one) final „Button goodbye“-Sale! Or rather a „New beginnings“-Sale. :-)


As of today until the 31st of March, 2014 all buttons in my shop are reduced by 30%

This will be the ONLY button sale I will ever hold. So if you are keen on getting your hands on some of my buttons – this is your chance! Starting at the 1st of April, 2014 there will be no more buttons in my shop!


And if you are keen to know what will happen after the sale … what will happen to the Sunday whispers … Honestly, I do not really know yet. :-) Right now I am taking one step at a time. But I will be in touch after the sale via newsletter. So if you are curious where this will go, feel free to sign up below.

And now – happy button shopping! :-)

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8 Responses to Big button sale – and a new beginning

  1. Tina says:

    Love your buttons Ursula! And totally agree with a bit of project monogamy! Can’t wait to see what you’re up to next!

  2. Elena says:

    I understand, when you need to leave something “bei Seite”, then you need it. Your buttons are amazing and different, I think you will keep making them, and who knows in the future.
    Keep the creativity going.
    Hugs from Frankfurt :)

  3. Kathrin says:

    … auch wenn ich überrascht bin – lebe die Kreativität, die dich glücklich macht.

    ganz liebe Grüße

  4. Sandra says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Ursula! Mixed Media ist Dein Weg und ich freu mich auf Deine Kunstwerke!

  5. Cynthia Katz says:

    I am so curious to see what you will do next Ursula! Buttons will always be a part of you but I know you have many other fun things to share with us. Good luck with you mixed media art and writing :) Looking forward to seeing more.

  6. Ana says:

    Dear Ursula,
    How I relate to this post!
    I used to have a small handmade business which started out quite fine but after some years (not many, 1 or 2) and looking around and watching everyone doing the same, running out of original ideas and tired of working on commissions that I didn’t like I just quit. I stopped. Sold many of the fabrics, put my sewing machine back in the closet – just looking at it would make me shiver – and went back to my lonely blog. Did some changes in the blog – I quit writing in english as it limited me in the subjects I could talk about – and started writing again and I just love it. Maybe I’ll come back to sewing one day, but I’m feeling great for having left it behind now.
    Good luck!

  7. Claudia says:

    Liebe Ursula,
    ich kann Deine Entscheidung irgendwie nachvollziehen, man muß im Leben öfters Prioritäten setzen und etwas verändern. Ich bin schon gespannt, wie es kreativ bei Dir nach dem Sale weitergeht und freue mich, wieder von Dir zu hören!
    Ich wünsch Dir noch einen wunderschönen Sonntag!
    ♥ Allerliebste Grüße, Claudia ♥

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