Almost ruined ….

but could luckily still save it – the owl-shirt for my little man. The pattern is by allerlieblichst (German).


The appliqued owl is a pocket. Just the right thing for little explorers who have to collect everything that they find outside!

(I am already looking forward to fingering sticks, leaves, acorns, and rocks out of the pocket before washing. *laugh*)

The eyes of the owl glow in the dark. Of course they are a button made by me. ;-)

What do you think? I have to admit I am kinda proud that I managed to create the applique-pocket-thingy (The fusible webbing I put on was quite a pain! But I won!)

Do you like it?

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3 Responses to Almost ruined ….

  1. The shirt is absolutely adorable! What part of it was almost ruined? I love how you turned it into a pocket. So creative!!

    • Thanks for your sweet comment Kimberly! Just realized that I was not really clear about the “ruined” part. :-) I had done the sleeves wrong so they were too small. Alot! But luckily I managed to take them out again and make new ones. :-) I had already done the applique … so I was really happy that I could save the shirt. And the owl! ;-)



  2. Ina says:

    Das Shirt ist einfach toll!

    Und die große Tasche erinnert mich an den Film vom “Kleinen Maulwurf der eine Hose bekam”. Der hatte auch so eine Tasche für Steine, Kastanien und all die Dinge die Kids wichtig sind.

    Meine Enkeltochter zauberte letztens aus einer Jackentasche zwei Haselnüsse … genau da gab es auch so einen schönen Film. Und wie strahlte sie als ich ihr davon erzählt habe …

    Eine schöne Zeit wünscht dir


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