40 free mixed media art tutorials for you!

To celebrate my 40th birthday I collected 40 free mixed media art tutorials for you! Yeah!

40 free mixed media art tutorials collected by Ursula Markgraf

I turned 40 in September! *yeah*

And yes, I was totally happy about that. Which is odd, as I usually don’t really care about the actual number of my age. But this birthday – I was really looking forward to it. For the first time in my life it kinda felt like a milestone. :-)

And since it’s always more fun to celebrate with others and spread the joy I was thinking about how I could do that. I was mulling this over for quite some time …
But then it was easy. If you’re here and reading my blog you probably love to be creative. And you might even have tried the mixed media technique. So I spend some time and searched the internet for you and put together 40 free mixed media art tutorials. So here you get 40 times fun and creativity – art tutorials! – for free! I really hope you enjoy it!

And here they are! *tadaaaaa*

40 free mixed media art tutorials:

1.A super inspiring video about the importance of keeping a sketchbook by the lovely Tam from www.willowing.org

2.A lovely video about being crative on the go by Jeane from www.jeaneoliver.com

3.And a little creativity quickie ;-) A tutorial about how to create postcards with watercolors.

4.Free inspiration by Danielle from www.danielledonaldson.com – I haven’t tried her free workshop yet, but some of her paid ones. I love her art!

5.A tutorial for abstract flowert – so you can create your very own “Secret garden”. Awesome!

6.A process-video, that shows how a portrait develops – by the lovely Kara from www.karabullockart.com

7.Another video by Jeanne from www.jeanneoliver.com: Documented Life Project – Creating with Ephemera

8.A video-tutorial showing how you can create a lovey mixed media background with gesso. I LOVE gesso!!!!

9.A gorgeous art-journaling video by Roben-Marie.

10.And of course you’d need something where you can do art journaling in … so here’s a post with 10 ideas for handmade art journals.

11.A picture tutorial showing how to create a mixed media storm or hurricane.

12.An inspiring video by Toni Burt, showing how she creates an art journaling page with a mixed media background and a portrait.

13.And another tutorial for a handmade art journal.

14.Also a tutorial for a junk journal. Sounds fun!

15.A video showing the creation of an art journaling page (you  have to scroll down in the blogpost).

16.And another art journaling page video – called “Carefree” by Mimi Bondi.

17.A tutorial showing different image transfer methods.

18.This one is not really a mixed media tutorial, but a little adorable sketch video on the “Yes and Amen blog”. Just love it and find it totally inspiring. (You have to scroll a bit down in the blogpost).

19.Another video on what you can do with gesso. Did I mention I love gesso?

20.A tutorial for a cool technique with alcohol ink.

21.A tutorial showing you how to create gorgeous feathers with watercolor. Also not a “true” mixed media tutorial – but hey, I LOVE feathers. And watercolor! ;-)

22.A tutorial on how to age paper.

23.And if the tutorial under 22. is not enough for you, here are 6 ways, you can use to distress or age paper.

24.Inspiring mixed media video by Christy Campbell Tomlinson.

25.Wanna use handlettering in your mixed media work? Here’s an introduction to handlettering.

26.And if you wanna learn more about handlettering, HERE you can find lots of ressources to dig deeper.

27.Inspiring video by Ady Almanzac showing how she creates a magical fairy. It is truly magical watching her!

28.Wanna try your hand at mail art? Here are three tutorials by The Postman’s Knock. (She has LOADS of more awesome tutorials on her site!)

29.More mail art – a little video tutorial to create a mixed media postcard.

30.And another photo tutorial showing how to create a mixed media postcard.

31.An inspirational art journal video by the lovely Suzi Blu.

32.An inspirational video by Iris, where she shows how she creates an art journal page.

33.A lovely free mixed media workshop by Ivy Newport, where you can also work with encaustics.

34.A tutorial on how to create your own mixed media stickers.

35.If you rather wanna create something a bit smaller – how about some mixed media “message” or affirmation cards.

36.If you wanna give your mixed media creations a “distressed” look, then this tutorial doesn’t give you ONE but FOUR ideas how to do it.

37.A video tutorial to create mixed media ATCs. (Artist trading cards)

38.And another video tutorial for an art journaling page.

39.A wonderful mixed media workshop with little birdies by Brandi Dayton.

40.Last but not least  – a  video-tutorial by me how to create a mixed media star.

Also, feel free to check out this pinterest board by me. It has all the tutorials from this blogpost on it … and more.

Now I’m wishing you lots of joy creating!

Let me know in the comments which of the free mixed media art tutorials you wanna try first.

P.S. As the internet changes all the time – if you come across a link to an art tutorial that doesn’t work, please let me know and I’ll fix it. Just write me a comment or drop me an email.

P.P.S. Yes, there will be a new Christmas card design this year. I will show it probably next week. So watch this space! Or sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know. :-)

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6 Responses to 40 free mixed media art tutorials for you!

  1. Herzliche Glückwünsche nachträglich, liebe Ursula!
    Wow, herzlichen Dank für diese wundervollen & inspirierenden Links / Tutorials.
    Vor einigen Monaten habe ich auf meinem YouTube Kanal (auf dem es bisher um Spirituelles ging) auch begonnen Art Tutorials zu veröffentlichen. Einfach weil mich das kreative Schaffen sooo inspiriert und es ein wichtiger Teil meinens Lebens ist. Wenn du magst, schau mal rein, ich freue mich über dein Feedback ;) https://stefaniemarquetant.com/spiritualarttutorial_schatz_in_dir

    Alles Liebe, Stefanie

    • Vielen Dank liebe Stefanie!
      Ich glaube ja fest, dass jeder Mensch kreativ ist und kreativ Schaffen muss/möchte, dass es einfach nur unterschiedliche Medien sind, die Menschen ansprechen oder mögen. Für einen ist es Art Journaling, für den anderen Kochen oder Singen oder … etwas ganz anderes. Es ist doch wunderschön, dass Kreativität so inspirierend ist!

      Liebe Grüße


  2. Anne Porter says:

    So good to hear from you Ursula and Happy Birthday Will check out these art sessions for sure Hope to see more of your wonderful art xxxx

  3. Lia Fässler says:

    Liebe Ursula
    Ich wünsche dir nachträglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
    Vielen Dank für die tollen Links, ich freue mich bereits aufs Ausprobieren :)

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