Last Christmas

… I made some Christmas crafts. Before I show you what I made this year I wanted to remind you of some of the crafts I did last year:

There is a tutorial for making strawstars

And I sewed a Christmastree pillow – especially fun for the kids as they can play with it:


And I made this Bascetta star out of musical sheets. Totally love it:

Wishing you a great 4th of Advent!

Now I better return to my crafts … :-)


Last-minute Christmas card

Last-minute Christmas card

 This was our Christmas card last year. Quick and easy! If you wanna make a similar one I wrote down the instructions. :-)

Last-minute Weihnachtskarte/ Last-minute Christmas card

 This is what you need:

Last-minute Weihnachtskarte/ Last-minute Christmas card

 -old sheet music
-blank cards
-colorful paper
-“holepunch” in desired shape
-pens (glitter or silver work great)
-chocolate for bribing a child ;-)

Last-minute Weihnachtskarte/ Last-minute Christmas card

 Punch desired shape out of the sheet music paper – or cut it out by hand. Glue this onto the colored paper.

Last-minute Weihnachtskarte/ Last-minute Christmas card

 Bribe a child to write “Merry Christmas” onto the colored paper. :-)

Last-minute Weihnachtskarte/ Last-minute Christmas card

Glue the colored paper onto the blank card. (Awesome cause if your child messes up while writing – no harm done!) 

Then all you have to do is add a few nice words to the inside of the card and mail them out. Easy, wasn’t it?
And you can easily adjust this to your liking – use different papers or punches or …

So are you going to send out homemade cards? 

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Knopf-Lebkuchen-Kekse … mit Rezept

 Sorry, still working on the translation!!!

Backen ist eine meiner Lieblingsbeschäftigungen. Deshalb zeig ich Euch heute Lebkuchen mal etwas anders. Das sind nämlich Knopf-Lebkuchen-Kekse. Etwas ungewöhnlich für die Vorweihnachtszeit. ;-) Aber wenn Ihr eine Weihnachtsfeier in der Nähgruppe plant oder etwas ähnliches, dann sind sie perfekt! Und eine nähende Freundin freut sich sicher auch über ein paar Kopf-Kekse als Mitbringsel.

Falls Ihr die Knopf-Lebkuchen-Kekse nachmachen möchtet – hier das Rezept. Ihr braucht: 410g Mehl 1 Päckchen Backpulver 2 TL Lebkuchengewürz 1/2 TL Zimt (nach Geschmack auch mehr oder weniger) 125g feste Butter, in kleine Stücke geschnitten 125g brauner Zucker 125g Zuckerrübensirup 1 Ei

Mehl, Gewürze und Butter mit dem Mixer vermengen bis eine krümelige Masse entsteht. Zucker, Ei und Sirup hinzugeben. Alles zu einem Teig verkneten. Den Teig abgedeckt (mindestens) 30 Minuten kühl stellen. Dann ausrollen und ausstechen. Und wo hab ich den hübschen Knopf-Ausstecher her? ;-) Etwas Rundes und einigermaßen Scharfkantiges in der Küche finden (kleine Schüssel oder Trinkglas zum Beispiel) und damit die Knöpfe ausstechen. Dann mit Cocktail-Trinkhalmen – die “dicken” – die Löcher in die Knöpfe stechen. Einfach, oder? Die Kekse auf Backpapier bei 200Grad (vorheizen!) für ca. 12-15 Minuten backen. Dann abkühlen lassen und … ESSEN!

Man kann sie natürlich auch noch hübsch mit Zuckerguss oder Schokoglasur verzieren. Aber soweit ist es bei meinen nicht gekommen. Irgendwie waren die vorher schon … äh … weg. ;-) **** Noch mehr Naschwerk findet Ihr bei Luzia Pimpinella. Bloß gut, dass Gucken nicht dick macht. *lach*

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Advent “wreath” tutorial

Have a wonderful 1st of Advent!


If you still do not have an Advent wreath but would like one – here comes your post! :-)

I show you what Advent wreaths I am using this year. And yes, this year I have TWO! Last year we used an Advent “box”:

To find out more about the Advent box click HERE.

This year I made two – one for the kitchen where we eat and one for the living room. The basic idea for them is similar to the Adent box above. Here comes “wreath” number 1.

Cake pan Advent wreath: 

Tiny tutorial:

1. Search for (old) cake pan.

2. Fill the pan with bird sand.

3. Put candles in there.

4. Put some nuts on top … or something else decorative that will cover the sand.

5. Light candles and admire your great work!

I have to admit though that this wreath was more a collaboration than my idea. I started out and did everything until step 3 and had left it at that. Then my kids decided that the nuts that we had collected that day would look good in the pan and just started to fill up the pan. I did not want to start a big fuzz so I decided to let them do it – I could change it later. But when they were done I loved so much what they had done that I just left it like that. :-)

And wreath number 2.

Big glass bowl Advent wreath:

Tiny tutorial:
see above ;-)
Just exchange the pan with a big glass bowl. And instead of sand you use sugar or salt – looks prettier in the glass bowl. Kinda like snow. Then decorate whichever way you want. My kids used pine cones cause they were everywhere in our apartment from our last walks in the woods.
What I love about these “wreaths” – you can use pretty much anything you find and you like. So if you do not have an old cake pan or a big glass bowl – just search for something else. You will probably find something in your kitchen or basement that you can work with.

How do you like my untraditional Advent “wreaths”?

And what does your Advent wreath look like this year?

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Panicky Pre-Christmas-Post

Today was a really stupid day!

Everyone has one of those at some point. I know. But unfortunately in my case stupid days lead to stupid thoughts. So if you are a person who gets panicky when reading about other people’s panick 



Hey, I said stop!

Well, I warned you! Your choice ….
I really do like Christmas!
And even more I like Advent. I LOVE Advent – the time before Christmas. 
I do not like stress, hectic hustling, trying to finish what feels like 100 projects at a time …

When I started to get this panicky feeling when realizing that next weekend is the 1st of Advent – I tried to calm myself. I told myself “You can do this” No problem!


I will just make a list with all the things that need to get done before Christmas. And then I can distribute all those things over the days to come! 


Easy, right?!

No stress at all.

Quiet nice Advent-days.



Well … kinda …

It did sound rather simple in my head.

Unfortunately the reality had a somewhat different look:



I sit down and write my list.

I write.

And I write.

And I write.

I pause.

I realize that I could keep writing for a REALLY long time.

I realize that I could not by any means finish off the things I already have on my sheet of paper until Christmas. No way.

Not even with stress.

So … I declare list-writing to be finished and am frustrated!


Apparently my problem solving strategy went straight down the hill. 

So therefore my question:

 How do you deal with pre-Christmas-panick?

Or am I really the only one who ever gets that?

 And even more important:

How do you do it that you can actually ENJOY Advent and Christmas time – and not just survive it?
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Christmas in a nutshell ;-)

Christmas in a nutshell ;-)
Handgemachte Krippe in Nussschale von Ursula Markgraf/Handmade manger in nutshell by  Ursula Markgraf
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