Moving Sale

If you follow me on social media you might have noticed that I moved recently. I’m still in the process of settling into a new life, which is exciting, but not always easy.

For me there is a lot LETTING GO involved. Not only letting go of my way of living and old habits, but also of many material objects. I used to live in a house. Now I moved into my own apartment with two rooms for my kids and one (rather little) room for myself. So due to limited space I really have to think about and decide what is worth keeping in my life – and what has to go.

It’s a rather liberating process. But – again – not easy. :-)

This is the file folder where I keep everything important for this year – with a mini vision-board on the cover :-)

Of course that means that I also have a problem with all the original art, the postcards, books and prints for my shop. I need to store them somewhere. And it’s not only those things – I also need packaging material which needs to be stored. So, I’m still thinking about if or how I will manage all of this in the future. At the moment I simply don’t have enough room for all the things I would like to keep.

(That’s the reason why I still have 3 or 4 boxes sitting in my old studio that need to picked up. I just don’t know where to put them.)

Moving Sale Ursula Markgraf Mixed Media Art

That’s why I have decided to hold a moving sale. So if you buy something in my shop and enter the coupon code NewStart, you receive 50% off on your whole purchase. The code is valid until the next new moon on the 23rd of June.

And if you’re curious how an artist copes without a studio, just come back in a while or sign up to my newsletter. I will tell you. :-)

But now have fun browsing my shop! ;-)

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  1. Katharina Hellwege says:

    Liebe Ursula,
    heute kam die Post von dir – der Umzugssale hatte mich motiviert mal wieder zu bestellen ;-). Nach meiner “Ein wundervolles Jahr” – Bestellung war das die erste richtige (also nicht digitale) Post von dir und ich habe mich sooo gefreut! Am liebsten würde ich ein Foto hochladen – so schön und liebevoll gestaltet!! Vielen lieben Dank! Ich bin immer noch ganz happy :-). LG, Katharina

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